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Helping You Make Your Next Move...When the Tide of Life Changes

About Us

Chris Carter Kent

In 2010, I created "Your Divorce Concierge".  Over the years my business developed and expanded into divorce and elderly transitions.  

Today, I am "YOUR TRANSITION CONCIERGE", and am here to provide knowledge and resources to assist you with creating a plan-of-action customized to your circumstances. You may be searching for financial, legal, real estate emotional or other support.  I can provide you with a directory of resources best suited to your needs.  

I specialize in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, but can provide resources locally and State-wide.  

Please contact me to discuss how I can help you, a family member or a friend,  make the next move:


Connecting You With The Help You Need

Change can be overwhelming.  To some, it creates a ripple.  To others, it can be a tidal wave.  You don't make these changes every day.  You may not be sure of your next step. Turning to someone who has walked this path, and can help, makes good sense.

A Passion For Purpose

Established in 2010 when re-discovering my life's purpose:  

Helping Clients Make Their Next Move...Moving In...Moving Out...Moving On.


Concierge Services

Customized Plan-of-Action based on client need

Referrals to Professionals

Estate and Probate Attorneys, Family Attorneys, Fiduciaries, Financial Advisors, Placement Services, Realtors, and more...

Referrals to Service Companies

Movers, Packers, Handyman Services, Pool Service, Landscaping, Painters, Electricians, Plumbers, and more...

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